Image by Sarah Kay Photography

Image by Sarah Kay Photography

Hey there! I'm so glad you're here. 

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet! I'm a Jesus-loving wife, writer, foster-mom, and soon-to-be-mom to a baby on the way in February, 2019! I'm passionate about cultivating relationships, social-media strategy and capturing a good candid (always on the lookout!) 

I've created this space to share the things on my heart, to connect with others around topics we're all thinking about, and to build bridges where fences have barred connection from previously occurring. I'm passionate about people stepping into the abundance found right in front of them, and love watching the dreams of others become reality. 

To read the latest, head on over to the blog! The little black rectangles on your screen will also lead you to my story, as well as both my job and social-media engagement coaching. I hope you find something here that leaves you feeling known! The internet can be a scary place, but I'm determined to bring every ounce of good I can around here. :) 

Know that you're loved, friend!