I wasn't always this way. There was a time I wanted to be President, and another time I wanted to be the hottest girl at the party. Opposing directions, holding the same motivation: to feel "good enough".

What changed, you ask? I'd love to tell you.


In September of 2012, I was invited to CRU at UW-Madison. All I knew about it was: there'd be free ice cream, and a lot of people. I happened to feel a need for both at the time (ice cream, always!), so I decided to tag along. Fast forward a few months, and the trajectory of my life was changed forever. For the first time, I'd not just heard about grace, but experienced it through
deep, real friendships.

God and His grace changed my life in every way. The girl who was once consumed with striving, and missing out on joy, is now satisfied and filled with unshakeable faith. Not because things are easy, but because God has made my life abundant - full of Himself.

You can read more of my story, here. But that's the snapshot! I'm truly a new person, because God's heart transformed mine. 

Now, I write about what I'm learning in hopes of connecting with others and leaving people feeling more loved by God. I've learned that there's such power in telling your story - the mundane and extraordinary moments alike. Thanks for stopping by to read mine!