Don't just take my word for it!

The following gals have utilized my coaching in the past and found it to be helpful in taking their next right step! 

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Nicole Zasowski

Working with Courtney has been a dream! Not only is she knowledgeable and creative in her ideas, but she is also encouraging of her client's dreams and works hard to fast-forward those goals. Meeting Courtney has been one of the biggest gifts as I grow my platform and work through the publishing process. I can't recommend her enough!

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Halie Ramsey

"Courtney has been so helpful and encouraging as I've continued to grow my social media presence. Her advice and knowledge is practical and genuine!"


Kait Wyman

"I have completed the training through Courtney’s Coaching Community and it was amazing! I absolutely feel like the course is worth paying for because she gave us so many tips and tricks without making it feel overwhelming AND joining a group where she is giving your job opportunities ALL the time. With her training course I’ve been able to secure three VA roles! I’m so thankful for Courtney’s wisdom and truly believe that this will be the work that brings me home from my full-time gig someday. Thanks for everything Courtney!”

Laura Johns - The Small Town Creative

“Courtney assisted me with my social media, creating graphics and helping me grow my engagement. We clicked immediately. She captured my brand and voice quickly and perfectly, and was always on time! Highly recommend!”


Kayty Marie - Gather Wholesome Gourmet

“Working with Courtney was a pleasure throughout the entire process! She communicates with kindness and genuine interest. She also was very open to customizing my experience based on my needs! I was very impressed by and learned a lot from the plan she mapped out for me!”


Olivia Buell

“I have learned so much through Courtney’s Coaching Community! I entered the group not knowing a ton about marketing through social media platforms and now, a month later, I’ve already landed my first two part time clients! No matter what your skill level, no matter what your platform, no matter what your business, I believe that Courtney’s program could greatly benefit anyone wanting to launch into the virtual assistant realm.”


Christina Montalvo - Iron Phoenix Strength Club

“From the beginning, I knew finding a VA through Courtney would be an experience unlike any other! After I filled out the form, I was contacted by two VA's the very next morning. The process was so seamless and I was instantly impressed by the quality of the VA's as well as the turnaround time in hearing back from them. Courtney was quickly available to answer the questions I had about the hiring process. All of my expectations were exceeded- both with Courtney, as well as the VA's that I interviewed. I cannot wait to see how my business transforms just from this super simple, yet profound process of hiring a VA with Courtney's help!”


Taryn Sowa

“I’m a stay-at-home mom and decided to take a leap of faith on pursing a career as a Virtual Assistant. I signed up for Courtney’s courses on a Friday morning and that next Wednesday I landed my first client! Courtney gave me the confidence in myself and the social media skills I needed to get started. Join this community!!”


Erica Chardonnay - Graphic Designer/Artist & Virtual Assistant

“The reason why I chose Courtney's course is because of her story and background. She is very thorough, kind, and helpful. She tells the benefits of taking it and the community is wonderful! She is a woman of her word with helping get jobs. The course was straight to the point and informative. Everything I learned I can apply it to my business as well as someone else's. Thanks, Courtney for your support!”

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McKenna Ruzga

“While I've worked full-time in marketing my whole career, I found myself feeling a little stagnant and wanting to up my game and take on some new challenges in the form of side gigs. After seeing a few posts about Courtney's Coaching Community, I decided to take the leap and I'm SO glad I did. The courses offer a wealth of information, but I think the greatest benefits of investing in the community have been the connections and encouragement I've gained from working with Courtney. Less than a month in, I've already picked up my first new client and my motivation is at an all-time high!”


Allie Chick - Allison Chick Designs

“I joined Courtney’s Coaching Community after doing much research on other comparative courses. I was at a point in my side hustle where I wanted to expand it and expand my service line offerings. I am so thrilled to report after 3 weeks in Courtney’s Community I have almost completely filled my book of business and I am one step closer to venturing out on my own. I would recommend this course to anyone. The tools and support she provides are incredible.”

Shelby Lorenz

“Courtney’s Coaching Community + social media strategy course is more than worthwhile! Not only do you receive access to fabulous content but you’re immediately placed into a supportive, accepting, and wildly creative community of women who want to see you succeed! I can’t recommend this enough!”


Melissa - Babe Basics

“Finding Courtney was such a blessing, and I will definitely hire with her help again. Interviewing her students was a breeze, communicating with Courtney was so easy, and I really appreciated her following up for feedback on candidates and to see if my needs had been met. Thanks Courtney for taking one of the toughest things about running a business (hiring) off my plate!”


Christin Elizabeth

“Courtney's Coaching Community is the best value you can ever get in a training course for being a VA. I looked at so many other courses that cost around $1,000 that taught similar things to what I learned from Courtney. This course taught me a ton of new skills and boosted my confidence so I could rock my interviews. Within a couple of days of finishing the course I landed my first job and have had quite a few interviews since. It’s because of this course that I felt confident enough to speak to my strengths and the things I learned from this course!”

Hannah Donor

“As a boy mom of two, I had been trying to find ways to expand my skills in the work-from-home arena beyond freelance copyediting. Then my dear friend Courtney reached out to me about trying Courtney’s Coaching Community. Within a month of joining I had powered through all of the amazing webinar trainings and began applying to every job Courtney shared in our Facebook group. Within weeks I had my first gig, plus a one-time project and an interview lined up for a third job! I am so, so grateful for and empowered by everything Courtney and her specialists bring to the table. Thanks, ladies, for believing in me!”


Tosha Fitzer

“Courtney reached out to me on a post I had written, asking about side hustles and what others did to get out of the corporate world. Since then, with the help of Courtney's Coaching Community, I have learned all about how to become a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Strategist! Courtney even sourced my first client! In time, I plan on quitting my full time job to be my own boss! Thanks Courtney!”

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Amy Ramsey - The Fit Soul

“I actually don’t know how I discovered Courtney McLean’s Coaching Community but I’m surely glad I did! As a solo- entrepreneur, I wear many different hats, and my business has grown to the point of needing qualified Virtual Assistants to manage the details where I simply don’t have time. Having qualified VAs has freed me up to get back to my passions and do what I do best - help women learn to live happy, balanced lives through my Fit Soul programs, and not bogged down in the mundane but mandatory tasks. I emphasize the word qualified VA, because I have had incompetent and dishonest VAs in the past. Courtney screens her Coaching Community and has resources to train on specific skills. Each VA has a detailed resume that highlights their skillsets and experience. The applicants resume’s are fantastic and make the interviewing process an ease. I found working with Courtney to be comforting actually, as she had initial questions for me to help find a good fit for my business and budget. She is so professional and very helpful. Finding qualified and honest VAs has been a struggle in the past. I am so glad I now have Courtney’s Coaching Community to find the help I need, to regain space back in my life, AND scale my business! Thanks Courtney!

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Mara Kucirek

“Working with Courtney allowed me to replace my full-time teaching salary and work full-time in my business! Before I joined her community I wasn't sure how to make it happen. There was so much to figure out - How do you get clients? How do you market yourself? Courtney's Coaching Community gave me the tools and resources to become a great virtual assistant and marketing strategist! It also allowed me to find the right clients to work with. Now I'm able to work from home in my business full-time and I work with amazing, lovely clients!

Since working with Courtney my income has LITERALLY doubled! I've been able to leave my full-time job and work one-on-one with clients. Courtney's community provides in-depth, tangible training that allows you to become the best possible assistant for your clients! Courtney posts new job opportunities daily and is always in the Facebook group to answer comments and questions!”

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Ashley Karstens

“I was on the search for my first corporate job and with a month in and only a few interviews, I was doubting myself and feeling defeated by the process. Thankfully I remembered Courtney had offered to help me a while back, so I decided to reach out. Courtney is sharp, determined, encouraging and so much fun. I let her know the top things that concerned me were my LinkedIn profile and my resume.  With Courtney’s fine tuning and suggestions, I knew I had material that was going to stand out and truly reflect who I was and what I had to offer. Not only that, but her support reminded me I’m not alone and gave me confidence to choose a job I wanted without settling for something less.  She relieved the pressure I was feeling and because of that I could be my best self for the interviews.  I’m so glad I took her up on the offer to help!”

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Diana Swillinger

"Recently I have learned that the best way to make my dreams a reality is to reach out to people who are already doing it. So I contacted Courtney about embarking on a new career path. She asked just the right questions and offered specific and actionable advice that I could move on right away. I am honored to have her by my side on this new journey."


Bertha Zerbinos - Written Word Pencils

“I absolutely positively could not be doing this without the knowledge, support and help of Courtney. From the very beginning this partnership has not felt like business but more like a friendship. She encourages, informs and guides me through this business of social media and I’m very grateful to her. My platform is growing very organically and I’m finding lots of balance with Courtney’s friendship and help. Excited to see this grow alongside of her!”


Emily Wagner

I am a huuuuuge personal growth junkie and I have been wanting to take courses on how to grow a business on social media every since starting my own business this year. I kept having to say "not right now" to the paid courses because they were SO EXPENSIVE. Courtney's Coaching Community was the total package --- seriously. The knowledge and value I gained from her course was so worth the price! Because of her course, I was able to take the leap of faith and quit my job because I knew that I could make some extra money as a Virtual Assistant while I continued to grow my own business. Thank you for the knowledge, the confidence and the freedom, Courtney!! I can tell you have a huge heart for equipping women in this area!”


Lakin Hunter

“Courtney was the missing piece to the puzzle for my business. She writes amazing copy. I was at a loss when it came to writing bios and about me pages. Courtney helped me pull out all the things I didn't realize about myself and put it into words that could not have matched me more to a T. She was so quick at getting me her work which made my launch keep on track. Thank you, Courtney!”


Chelsea Golden

“I signed up for Courtney’s Coaching Community about a month ago to learn more about social media management and the possibility to pick up a side hustle. Within a month, I learned everything I needed to confidently take on a client and it’s everything I hoped for! I never realized how many opportunities were out there to do this kind of work but thanks to Courtney, she made them visible in one easy location! I would highly recommend Courtney’s course, as well as working with her in general!”


Sidonie Smith

“We weren’t able to work with Courtney when we were looking for a VA because her schedule was booked solid.  Rather than simply sending us on our way, she not only offered to make some recommendations for us, but found us a great fit and checked back to be sure the relationship was working out. Thank you Courtney for going above and beyond!”


Marcia Spear

“Courtney was very helpful in providing strategic advice as to how to manage my social media presence. She answered all my questions and provided tools and tips that I plan on implementing when I start to build my brand on social platforms. I would definitely recommend Courtney to anyone looking for sound social media advice, where it is not regurgitated, but from experience."


Amanda Kletti - Building Hope Therapy Services

"I am so grateful to have connected with Courtney. She has expertly created a course to train and support virtual assistants. She is a pioneer in her field; supporting and raising women up while balancing work and family goals. She referred me to a skilled and kind virtual office manager for our pediatric therapy clinic. Our virtual office manager is an integral part of our private practice success! Thank you, Courtney!”


Dave & Sarah Olds - Owners of Carpe Diem Hair Studio

“As our first social media strategist, Courtney McLean has made an immediate impact for our salon and its staff by showcasing the value and necessity of having a social media presence and staying relevant for today’s marketing targets. Along with creating an avenue for our salon and its stylists to promote their creativeness, Courtney also partnered us with one of her personally trained strategists, Chelsea. Being able to communicate to Courtney what our business culture is like, has been helpful to our stylists and Chelsea to continue providing confidence that we’re staying active, current and progressive while promoting our salon.”


Karen Golub Krieger

“I have found Courtney’s Coaching Community to be more than a valuable return on investment. I haven’t even fully finished the training and have already landed my first gig and paycheck! Courtney’s experience, expertise and personal coaching has given me the confidence to pursue positions with my current level of knowledge. I am looking forward to working personally with Courtney on my future goals.”

Kaitlyn Voges

"In starting the process of searching for a new full time job, that could only be in one specific city, I was extremely anxious that it would be so difficult or that I wouldn't be able to find a job in my field. I have a communications degree, but had no training specific to social media management, which is really what I wanted to get into. Through Courtney's Coaching Community, I gained so much knowledge in this area that I felt comfortable applying for jobs in the field, and got the first one that I applied for! I truly believe that was due to my newfound knowledge on the subject matter, and also due to the coaching session I had with Courtney to advance my interview skills. This training has 100% paid for itself and more, and is WELL worth your time!!”


Kelsey Kryger

“When I was first contemplating starting a Virtual Assistant business, I knew I needed to get a coach to help me navigate through the obstacles. A lot of the coaches I looked at were way out of my budget range and didn't provide a lot of the resources I was looking for. Then, I stumbled across Courtney's page and I'm so happy I did! Courtney provides so much support, encouragement, and job postings throughout the day to all of the group members and she's so genuine. Within my first few days of being in the group, I've landed three new clients and upped my rates from where I was at before joining the community! If you're a new VA or even if you're more well-versed and are looking to improve your business, join Courtney's Coaching Community. You won't regret it!"


Alayna Turcotte

“My experience with Courtney has been nothing short of amazing! I came into this community with no prior VA experience. Courtney's courses equipped me with all the skills I needed to have the confidence to apply for positions and to gain clients. Within a month of signing up for Courtney's courses I’ve picked up my first two clients! Courtney has been such a blessing and encouragement throughout this whole process. Despite the fact that she has 75+ ladies in her community, she is always quick to respond to my questions with personalized messages and LOTS of tips and advice! I can't recommend her services enough!"


Aly Catacutan

“If you're on the fence about joining Courtney’s Coaching Community, JUST DO IT. I’d been contemplating about joining for a few months before I finally decided to dive in, and I'm so happy I did! I found the community definitely worth investing in. You're not only receiving a wealth of valuable information but also joining a community that's rooting for you to succeed and helping you along the way. Courtney provides all the resources you need to get started and then some! After powering through her webinars and creating a binder full of notes, I felt confident enough to apply for my first gig and landed my first client within a month of joining. I appreciate the time that Courtney's put into this and highly recommend taking the plunge!”


Kyla Glendenning

“Courtney's Coaching Community is perfect if you want to start working from home as a VA, Graphic Designer, or Social Media Manager! Courtney takes you step by step through each platform and leaves you confident in your new skills. Not only is the training amazing, but her Facebook community is fantastic! So many awesome gals helping each other out as well as job ops EVERY DAY! Would definitely suggest to anyone who is thinking about working from home.”


Ashleigh Riemann - Clearly Lovely Photography

“Reaching out to Courtney for a VA has probably been one of the most helpful things I have done for my business. I had talked to some VA's around my area, but it wasn't actually like a hiring process. It was more like looking at their websites and that was it - you either hire them or you don't. When I emailed Courtney and all the sudden got 4-5 resumes of people who fit the criteria of what I needed AND I was able to interview them, I was all for it. I interviewed 4 lovely ladies and it was such a difficult choice to make, but just having that process helped make it so simple to get exactly what I needed. Like I said before, I have talked to other VA's but never really felt like anything was a match. With Courtney's help, I was able to find exactly what I was looking for and someone that I think will be a huge asset to my business. Thank you Courtney!”


Mayra Oritz

“After having my second baby, I went on the hunt (as so many moms do!) for work from home opportunities. The information out there was overwhelming, to say the least. In addition, most of the courses I found were extremely pricey and a large investment that I was not prepared to make. I found Courtney’s course and it was both affordable and thorough so I signed up right away. The lessons and coursework were priceless! Not to mention, Courtney is exceptionally consistent and diligent with posting new opportunities. Since taking her course, I have attained several clients, one of them being directly from Courtney’s Coaching Community. Courtney is always willing to lend a hand or answer any questions. I am beyond thankful that I decided to step out on faith and sign up for her course. Thank you so much, Courtney!”